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Posted this on November 20, 2012 at 13.27pm

I just wanted to say a big thanks to the Unions whose sponsorship has helped me raise an extra
£2.5 million for my chosen charity, the Labour Party!! Special thanks must go to Unite – I will be
sure to remember this generosity when developing my policies (if I ever get round to it!).

Ed Balls

Ed Miliband

Red Ed’s Sponsored Walk


On Saturday I will be taking part in a sponsored walk through London with some of my closest friends. I’m raising money for my chosen charity, the Labour Party, so that we can campaign for more borrowing, more debt, and bigger houses for people on benefits.
Please sponsor me!!!

Yours forever,

Red Ed

PS If you’re free, we’re having a little party at my house afterwards. It’s the big one, in the posh neighbourhood, worth well over two million – you can’t miss it.

£16, 907, 995



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You best not let us down Ed



Remember who got you your job. Oh, and good luck!



See you at the finish (or else)


Gordon Brown

I’m proud of you son


Ed Balls

I’ll be right behind you, mate. Careful not to trip


David Miliband

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About Ed’s chosen charity

The Labour Party are a charitable organisation committed to borrowing money and frittering it away. Their past achievements include: leaving the country with the biggest deficit in the G20; opposing a cap on benefits and immigration; and ruining our education system. In the future, they hope to increase borrowing by £3,200 for every man, woman and child in the UK.

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